How time flies! 'Hengda Seaside Tour' last year is still fresh in my mind, and 'Jumbo Management's New Year Tour to Thailand" in January, 2019 starts a new chapter of the journey. Every time we get together in a foreign place, we really appreciate the company's sincere efforts and good intentions, making us-a group of like-minded partners happy and play together. The trip to Thailand lasted for several days: clear sky-blue sea-beach, shooting, wonderful Thai boxing, seafood and fruit, SPA... Everyone was tired and happy. More importantly, this makes our heart closer. Each scenic spot has left us too much eternal memories. We can hardly hide our inner pride. With the continuous development of the company, we all have new motivation and new goal. In the next minute, we keep wailing on the road of struggle... As long as we work together, Jumbo will be better and better in the future!